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We help businesses, industries, and government entities save time and money by using: computer - algorithms, programs, systems, and networks to create Computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) IT'S FUN!!! “We just get it done!”'
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Founded in Maryland – USA in 1996 - We help businesses, industries, and government entities save Time and Money by automation using computers and computer systems.

BSPEC: Business Systems Process Enhancement Corporation

Our Favorite Customer Quote is:
“Just get it done!”

We have been in business since 1996, started in Baltimore MD – U.S.A., and have customers/clients nationwide and beyond.
We are a company that helps Businesses, Industries, and Government Entities leverage their IT infrastructure to save :
Time and Money

Our services are implementing  Computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) using computer systems (existing or yet to be created).

The purpose of this site is to
* * * Explain how we think about * * *
Business Processes and Business Process Enhacement / Automation
Show how we do it and what  Computer Technologies we use.
Some examples of our accomplishments and customers.

We offer services ranging from simple computer automation (Algorithms) to complete n-tier computer systems development from idea to inception.
We live and breathe this "stuff" . . .!
It’s very rewarding and Fun!!!